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“I was paralyzed in Afghanistan when a 250 lb IED blew up my truck. Since I’m wheelchair bound regular activities have been a struggle for me as well as outdoor activities. There were a lot of things that I thought I couldn’t do anymore outside. All of that changed when I met Anthony Netto, and he got me into a Paragolfer. That machine changed my life as well as my family’s lives. I use it for everything now. I play outside with my kids, go to the range, walk my kids to school, walk the dogs, go to the beach, I’m involved with my son’s football practice, I use it when I take my service dog to training, take my kids for rides on the back of it, play sports with my kids and their friends, go for walks with my wife (Hillary Wayman) and the list goes on. I don’t know what I would do without the Paragolfer. It puts a smile on my face every time I open my garage and see it. I tell everyone else I see about it, who was injured in the military, with mobility issues. Semper Fi.”


COO, Armed Forces Retirement Home:

“We purchased the Paramobiles because they spectacularly fit into our wellness programs for our residents. We use the Paramobiles to get our vets standing and playing everything from bocce ball to shuffle board. Their quality of life has been enhanced tremendously with this new technology.”


Bilateral Amputee, Injured in Vietnam:

“I use the Paramobile three to four times per week. It makes me feel like I am standing playing golf. The Paramobile allows me to approach the ball differently and makes me feel more independent.”


Complete Quadriplegic, Resulting from a surgical error:

“The Paramobile changed my life. I use it for golf and look forward to even taking it fishing.”


Complete Paraplegic:

“On March 11, 2010, I was involved in a skiing accident resulting in 13 broken ribs, both lungs collapsed and T7-8 fractures, causing complete paraplegia. On September 11, 2010, thanks to the Stand Up and Play Foundation, I participated for the 20th consecutive year in the Aylward Family Golf Classic. Anything is possible if you believe.”


Watch a TV feature on “Sarasota County Weekly” where Tim Boyle talks about his first experience with the Paramobile.

SHARON AND RICK – A Priceless Hug

“It was our first standing hug in five years.”

Sharon and Rick


“I can truly say my new Paramobile is the best thing that’s happened to me besides my lovely wife. Not only can I play golf again after 28 years, I can stand. I get in it every day not only to hit balls in the backyard and go the golf course but just to stand. My body feels so much better, my breathing has improved and at the end of the day my wife gets a hug and kiss from me standing. My wish is that everyone with a spinal cord injury has a Paramobile to Stand Up and Play. I have a C6 C7 spinal injury and the Paramobile works great for me. And it will work great for you.”

Thanks Annie, Anthony and Stand Up and Play,


Mark Golic“From the moment I came home after a long recovery at rehab when I was 13, there was nothing I wanted to do more than get back into sports and recreation. I started with what was the most known to me – wheelchair basketball. I loved it and played for years before giving it up when starting college. After a few years, the will to start playing wheechair sports again started to overrun my thoughts. I then decided to get into wheelchair tennis. I still play it and love it very much.

But what I failed to mention was that, right before my accident, I was an avid golfer. I would love to play rounds with my friends and my older brothers. I would hit at the local driving range every summer whenever I got the chance. And I would even ride my bike over to big, open, empty parks to hit some golf balls with friends. I loved golf. But I gave up the idea or the thought of ever playing it again when I was injured shortly after that. I simply erased it from my psyche. The interest came back when I decided to tag along with some friends to the driving range. For fun, I just tried hitting some balls from my wheelchair. It was okay, and slightly entertaining trying to see how far I could hit a golf ball in a seated position. But it was also frustrating because the limitations of hitting a ball from a seated position were discouraging to say the least. I decided to do some homework, and after researching online, I discovered that there were several adaptive golf carts available on the market and, infact, there were some golf courses in my area that rented them out. Excited about the prospect, I quickly gathered up some friends and played some rounds. It was so promising at the start but I soon realized that the adaptive carts that I was using had some serious flaws and it was extremely evident that they weren’t designed to be used by a low-level paraplegic like myself. It almost seemed as if they were made for the elderly who had “minor” disabilities. I, again, decided to look on the internet to see if there was some kind of an alternative – some kind of superior device out there for people like me who were disabled but wanted to play golf at a high level and not just for the novelty.

This is where everything changed for me. I came across the Paramobile. When I laid eyes on it for the first time, I knew it was a game changer. I could tell its design was far superior to anything I had ever seen or used before. I made it my priority to get my hands on the Paramobile so I could try it and see how it worked. I met up with Anthony Netto who was nice enough to travel from far away just to meet me and show me how to use the unit. Anthony even gave me a golf lesson and quickly made me realize that golf in the Paramobile was just as hard as golf for an able-bodied person (lol). But he also made me realize that with the Paramobile, barriers have been eliminated. And that means the potential to become a serious golfer, if I were willing to put in the effort. The best part of that day was seeing Anthony out-drive the course pro (the pro wasn’t too happy about that). Aside from laughing at the course pro, (who was mumbling something about it being a lucky shot under his breath) I was inspired at that point moreso than I had been for a very long time. Without trying to make this sound like the feel-good story of the year, it really was!

When I received my Paramobile I went to play a round at Glen Abbey golf course, home of the Canadian Open for many years. I was welcomed with ooos and awes from all the players and staff alike. Everyone was interested in the Paramobile and how it worked. But no one more than myself. The Paramobile grants me the ability to use a lot of my upper body to hit the ball. My first round wasn’t all that great, but I guarantee my next 10, 100, 1000 will be much better thanks to the Paramobile.

Looking forward to many days on the green.”

Thanks Anthony,
Mark Golic